How will we know if we are getting our money’s worth from the fee we pay you?

Your results will be based on your definition of success.  The value will come from the on-going collaborative conversation we have that gives you an understanding that you are making progress toward your goals and averting issues that could de-rail your security.

How do your services and fees compare to those of money management firms and major brokerage firms?

Our fees are based on a client relationship, not an account relationship.  By that, we mean we charge an initial planning fee and then an annual retainer for  all areas of your planning — not just in investment management — but also taxes, estate planning, risk management, retirement planning, education funding, etc. It is a high level of planning not matched by advisors who focus primarily on investments at a brokerage firm.  Any financial services are paid for separately, which we believe is in the best interest of the client.  All fees are disclosed, discussed and understood in advance of movement.

Will you work with us on an hourly basis?

The short answer is no.  Our clients are successful and complicated – even the ones who define themselves as “simple”.  Quick fixes don’t work with the types of issues that affect them.  We are not a quick fix diet, but a long term solution.

Do you have a minimum account size or a minimum fee?

Initial fees range from $7,200 to $20,000, depending on the client complexity.  With the exception of certain business owners and a few legacy clients, we do not take clients who don’t meet the SEC definition of accredited investor. Our minimum of investable assets is usually $2,000,000.

We don’t think we need comprehensive financial advice. Will you work on just part of our financial situation, such as only managing our investment portfolio or only doing retirement planning for us?

The short answer to this is also no.  We view your financial life holistically, and think each part affects another.  Managing one piece puts us at a disadvantage and will not allow us to do our best work.

Will you help our children, parents, or other family members with their investments and financial planning as part of our relationship?

We see the client’s immediate family as frequently being an integral part of a comprehensive plan, so we welcome meetings with other family members at our clients’ discretion. We have many guides, resources and expertise in helping children of clients, as well as the parents of our clients. In some situations, these family members decide that they could benefit from comprehensive financial planning, and become clients themselves.

How many client relationships do you maintain?

Our goal is for none of our planners work with more than 65 clients – allowing for maximum knowledge, service and a high quality personal relationship.

How frequently do you meet with your clients?

We meet with each of our clients at least three times per year in order to review their entire financial situation. In addition, we are always available to meet with clients regarding any issues that should arise in between those meetings. There is never any charge in addition to our annual retainer fee for any additional services that our clients request.

How do you manage your meetings and relationships with out-of-town clients?

With an occasional rare exception, we only work with local clients.  It is too difficult for most people to get the full level of our service if they can not meet face to face.

Will our relationship with The Planned Approach be confidential?

All of our client relationships are strictly confidential. Each employee signs a confidentiality agreement, and we do not share any information regarding clients with any outside source unless the client requests that we do so.

Will you work with our current accountant and attorney?

We welcome a working relationship with our clients’ existing advisors — attorneys, accountants and other professionals. Sometimes clients ask us for a referral to a new accountant or attorney and we are happy to make that referral as well.

Do you prepare tax returns or legal documents?

No. We are not attorneys and cannot prepare legal documents, but we do provide estate planning analysis and advice so that our clients have a clear understanding of the estate plan they establish with their attorney. We do not prepare income tax returns; however, throughout the year we do focus on minimizing taxes and we review every tax return after it has been filed to determine whether any changes need to be made.

Are you required to sell products from any company?

Absolutely not.

What is your philosophy regarding the rates of return earned by your clients’ investment portfolios?

We believe long term performance is based on a good plan being put in place with low cost, diversified investments and then controlling the behavior of the client so they don’t stray from the plan when things get crazy.  We hold clients accountable to themselves.

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The Planned Approach, Inc.

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