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In 2002, and again in 2009, new clients would come to us and tell us the main reason they were leaving their old advisors was because of the lack of meaningful conversation.  We take this seriously.  We will set up your regular meetings with agendas and do the follow up we promise or hold you accountable for your responsibilities.  You will have 24/7 access to your entire plan and financials with our software.  We are always available to you when you need us.  And when the chips are stacked against you, you will never be without us shoulder to shoulder.  We take communication very seriously.

How does the communication start?

It all starts with a long conversation, and we’re not the ones talking – you are.  It’s our job to listen, observe and connect your dots.  Your dots include the people in your life, past and present, whom you are connected to, have learned from, and/or care for now or in the future.  We’ll ask about your formative years, your education – formal and informal – and track your career.  We’ll work hard to find out what motivates you, what you are striving for and what scares you.  We’ll find out how you define success and what you really need, even if you can’t yet identify it.

Why are we so nosy?

After all, you need financial help, not a therapist.

The reason we ask you to share so much information is because people can look exactly the same on paper and be very different people.  We would never communicate to them the same way, never have a cookie cutter approach to their issues, nor expect the same results from them.  YOU are our client, not your money.  We know all we need to know about your money just by looking at a few financial documents.  You are more complicated than your financials.    Your success is determined by who you are and your behaviors.

Your “plan” will never be complete – it will most likely outlive you.

Because of that, the conversation continues, albeit in a more collaborative fashion.  Here’s what we will cover:

  • Your life-plan timeline
  • Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your financial condition
  • Specific goals, like education planning, additional homes, selling your business, and of course, financial independence
  • Your cash flow
  • Your investments, including real estate, businesses, and traditional investments
  • Tax concerns
  • Liabilities
  • Risk management, including liquidity as well as insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable planning

We will work closely with your other advisors to maximize their talent.  People expect that.  What you will be more surprised with is how we work to take care of your entire family, your career, your staff, your health and your goals as they naturally evolve.  We will work to solve problems you may not see coming and seize opportunities that you may have missed because you couldn’t identify them.

This conversation is meant to last a lifetime.

Our business would not survive with short-term client relationships – we need long-term ones. Because of this, we align our success with yours. You will always know we’ve got your back.
The Planned Approach, Inc.

420 W. 98th Street
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The Planned Approach, Inc.

420 W. 98th Street
Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 941-0098

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